About BRICS Blockchain

BRICS Blockchain is a dynamic and innovative company at the forefront of the financial technology revolution. We specialize in providing complete financial solutions, expert consulting, and delivery service plans for ledger technologies. Our mission is to empower enterprises with cutting-edge blockchain solutions, overcoming operational and business challenges while fostering trust and transparency. With a dedicated team of experts, we specialize in blockchain development services, NFT development services, and metaverse development services, shaping a better future for businesses and communities worldwide. Join us on this transformative journey, where innovation and integrity drive our commitment to excellence in the digital era.

Meet Our Team

Fawzia Basyouni

Founder - CEO

Asif Ashiq Rana

Co - Founder

Hithem Alhorebi

Head of Sales

Shynggys Shynbolatov

Business Development Manager

Dr. Sumayh AlJameel

AI Researcher

Dr. Albandari AlSumayt

Blockchain Researcher

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